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Employers continue to face a challenging business environment on the account of rising staff costs, significant losses from events, reduced demand, and decreased growth in developed markets and low investment yields. The situation is compounded by the rapidly changing behavior and ever-widening regulatory landscape.

Global companies are making technology investments to reduce costs and improve employee retention – multi-department integration to build and retain talent and enterprise risk management, data analytic and business intelligence

The ARAVON Pay Advantage

With over five years of experience enabling companies globally and a full portfolio of service offerings, Aravon is the transformation and innovation partner of choice, supporting the entire HR value chain.

Global Businesses partner with smile to improve their compensation management with flexible incentive and allowance policies, Automate HR processes, access real time information and create visibility of resources.

Our vast Global Delivery Model with partners and offices worldwide, unmatched scale and total commitment to our customers are some of the reasons why we get over 90% of our revenues from repeat business.

What ARAVON Pay Provides

Aravon HR and Payroll capabilities offer agile and innovative solutions to respond effectively to your growing staff needs, We help you build a true employee centric enterprise through various phases, enabling improved visibility of talent and helping you realize greater value from your HR investments.

We offer the following solutions:

Payroll & HR

Salary Accounting Loans and Advances Expense Claims and benefits Leaves and Encashment Arrears and Increments End of Service Process Workflow and Business rules.
Organizations are more focused on increasing operational efficiency by investing in legacy modernization and innovation initiatives to transform their HR policy and administration systems, with a wealth of experience in providing Payroll and HR Solutions worldwide, Smile Services is the partner that gets you results: Optimized investments and enhanced operational efficiencies.

 Payroll Administration, Tax Management and Compliance

The most flexible, functional payroll engine on the market, Aravon Pay does it all, handling hundreds of payroll-related computations, helps smooth out the complex task of managing your workforce benefits. The employee enrollment process increases employee engagement, and includes checks and reporting to help smooth out the complexities of employee enrollment period. Improve your cash flow with Aravon Pay. Pay only what you owe, as you go.

Complex payroll calculations include:

  • Income & Deductions with Bonus, Fuel reimbursements and Variable pay.
  • Average pay rates for overtime calculations & Holiday overtime.
  • Advance Pay calculations.
  • Birthday, Cafeteria expenses, with employee cost to company , which is great for large enterprise organizations
For fast and efficient processing, Aravon Pay delivers a– one-click access to all of your payroll data. From Payroll, you can view your payroll calendar and pay revisions, select a department or project for payroll processing, check payroll setup, review processing status and payroll results, and access reports. Plus, you can simplify the payroll process steps into one.

With Aravon Pay, you can process payroll from start to finish in a few easy steps, including:

  • Automatically retrieving Leaves, Loans and overtime data for payroll processing
  • Calculating pay (including gross-to-net)
  • Generating direct deposit files, pay checks, and direct deposit advice for banks, which is great for large enterprise organizations
  • Issuing off-cycle checks or voiding payments instantly
  • Calculating and tracking retroactive End of Service Benefits.

 Leave Management

When an employee is absent, either planned or unplanned, it can have an enormous impact on your organization, creating ripples across the workforce that impact productivity and even morale. Fortunately, Aravon Pay offers a range of absence management capabilities to control and mitigate absenteeism in your workforce.
  • Automated tracking of leave eligibility, type, and duration based on individual employee case data
  • Append Leave reason and periods related to a leave case directly to an employee’s case record
  • Employee self-service leave request simplifies and automates leave case creation accurately and consistently
  • Time entries and pay rules for leave cases integrated with employee time sheets
  • Leave management notifications for managers and employees provide real-time updates on eligibility and case activity

Aravon Pay Accruals

  • Enforce your absence-related policies related to time off and accruals, with company leave requirements
  • Confirm each employee’s eligibility for paid and unpaid leave, based on vacation, sick time, and other criteria you define
  • Use disciplinary & warning letters  to work directly with problem employees

 Loan Management

If your organization provides employee loans, this module enables you to define and manage employee loan policies and their entitlement based on different parameters. Employees can request loans, which are then reviewed and approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment and the life of the loan. Loan payments are processed automatically through the payroll at the end of each pay period. It can manage advance through the same process.

Aravon Pay loans management system offers the full range of capabilities needed in operations. It provides the flexibility required in creating, maintaining, and processing with its comprehensive reporting facility. Furthermore, since it is highly parameterized, the various control functions allow management to design and immediately implement the organizations loan policy. At the same time, it ensures that cost structures are maintained.

Aravon Pay Loans Management System offers a number of features designed to help improve your company’s efficiency:

Loan Master: Here admin or any authorized person can define the type of Loan/ Advance and define maximum limit that is to be approved for that particular Employee.

Loan Application: Employee can apply for loan through loan request.

Loan Approval: Approver has rights to accept / reject the loan requested by any employee. Change sanction date, loan amount and loan payback period.

Loan Payment: Automatic record is maintained and can be directly deducted from salary in installment

Payroll, Leaves and Loans. Better together!

Simplify managing your business, save time with Aravon Pay modules working together. Contact us today to see how much easy and smooth your business operations are when you combine our solutions.

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