Customer Relation Management

Customer Relation Management

Aravon CRM helps companies in the Marketing and Sales to leverage technology comprehensively, innovatively and cost-effectively to address their most pressing business needs. Proven to improve your sales productivity, you can accurately score leads. Leverage the instantaneous opportunity tracking, and easy and simple contact management. Grow revenue using insights from our enterprise analytics- an important tool for small businesses to Medium Size businesses.


What Aravon CRM provides
Aravon CRM offers the most innovative, flexible and robust CRM and delivers the best all-round value of any CRM solution in the industry. However, the real value of Aravon CRM goes far beyond the total cost of ownership, customers have enjoyed for more than a decade. In addition to the robust sales, marketing and support features, businesses can build on the platform without hidden fees or forced upgrades to more costly editions. Additionally, low cost of ownership means companies can place CRM into the hands of even more customer-facing individuals to drive consistent, exceptional customer relationships.


Client Challenges
Expanding Markets while managing costs, optimizing and standardizing processes. Creating an agile IT architecture capable of seamlessly integrating. Increasingly complex customer acquisition and interaction life cycle. Improved speed-to-market and management of an ever-increasing portfolio of products and services leveraging technology to innovate business models and improving competitiveness


Business Value
Aravon helps companies better align their strategy and initiatives to their business goals, and takes responsibility of implementing these strategies, delivering a level of certainty of results no other firm can match. Partnering with Smile Innovative will result in the following benefits:

Reduction in Sales and Marketing expenses by up to 30%. Manage revenue cost equations. Operate existing businesses effectively and build go to market programs Improved ROI on IT capital expenses Ability to integrate Sales, Marketing, Service offering and Finance services to create visibility across departments. By breaking down departmental silos, and giving every customer-facing employee the tools they need to be more effective every day – We provide a unique value and return on investment not seen in other CRMs. Only Aravon CRM allows organizations to build truly automated end-to-end processes that help businesses focus on what matters most: making every customer relationship extraordinary.


 Key Features for ARAVON CRM:

Manage Contacts and Organizations
Centralize organization and contact management to maintain a healthy sales funnel. Aravon CRM smartly links leads to their respective contacts and organizations. Store all the contact and organization information that your sales process demands. To move things faster, bulk import contacts from a CSV file. You can look up leads and the associated contact and business information in a few seconds!

Sales Pipeline Management

3(1) 1(1)

Keep your business CRM extremely organized with the help of categories. Got a huge product line that’s making lead management crazy for you? Link your product category or products and services that you offer and map them to your leads. Sort and track your leads to learn which product is your cash cow! Smile CRM is equally adept at helping businesses involved in channel sales and those with a number of branches spread across geographies. Group deals based on sales channels or the different geographical zones and keep your sales process agile.


Smarter Sales Reporting

Aravon CRM is an easy way to analyze your sales pipeline exhaustively. Comprehensive sales reports and charts show you the state of lead Management by your sales team. Use these numbers to understand which stage of the sales pipeline requires more attention and use those insights to smoothen your sales cycle!

 Service optimization is a journey, not a destination.

Case Management

Easily raise resolution tickets, complete with case numbers, product categories, assignments and other details that are fully searchable for quick access. Use alerts and notifications for faster response time and escalation of more serious issues to subject matter experts.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Imagine the impact on your field service operations when dispatch can easily assign the field engineer with the needed skill set to a job. And, think about how much easier it will be for them to be shown to most efficient route to get to their next location. You’ll shall have considerable time off the scheduling and dispatch process.

Service Management& Work Order Management

At the core of Aravon CRM is its scheduling, dispatching and work order management module. The color-coded dispatch board allows users check due and overdue calls schedule service appointments, so that dispatchers can easily monitor the schedule and re-assign calls if needed. Technicians in the field can access their schedule at any time through the web-portal. Aravon CRM also allows businesses to easily track service contracts for each customer and equipment at every location. Know when service is due; contracts expire, as well as the entire service history on any piece of equipment.

Optimize your workforce with Smart Scheduling.

Service chain optimization requires an organization to embrace processes and tools that improve efficiency, productivity, and eventually, the profitability of a service organization. The journey is not an easy one for a company to take, but Aravon CRM is designed to simplify the process of integrating business operations and data with Service billing, Stock availability to Tracking of Materials and other business systems.

Define Service Regions for Each Field Engineer

When a new job needs to be assigned to the field, a service region can be selected by defining a geographic area to find the engineers in. This enables you to choose workers that are assigned to a specific service region and reduce the estimated time to arrival for the worker to arrive.

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